More About eDoc Organizer Cloud

Create the plan that’s right for you

Our customizable solution allows you to pick the space, number of users, and features that are right for you, making our Cloud Edition perfect for individuals and businesses alike. Our plans start as low as $10/month which always includes support and upgrades, making eDoc Organizer an affordable, long term solution.

How do I access my documents?

You can access your account through your computer, tablet or smartphone. For your computer(s), you can download our desktop client, our full featured document management software. For your other devices you can download our apps where you can access your documents and their organization properties on the go. You can also access your documents securely from any web browser.

How are we different?

eDoc Organizer Document Management Software allows you to organize in a more intuitive way by using labels. Documents get lost and forgotten in folders, with labels you can attach as many as are applicable, and search for your files by any or all of them. You can also search by any content within the document, by date or by any comments you made to the document. eDoc Organizer lets you scan, import, search, and share your documents quickly and easily.